IEEE UC San Diego

IEEE at UC San Diego is a non-profit pre-professional student organization. We are dedicated to provide engineering students with hands-on experiences, technical and professional development and other resources to help them achieve their potential.


About Us

We are dedicated to helping develop students into professional Engineers

As an organization, we strive to provide opportunities to students both at UC San Diego and in the larger STEM community to gain hands-on experience with autonomous robotics and its various disciplines. Throughout the year, we host dozens of events and workshops to teach skills not frequently taught in the classroom, as well as outreach events for students looking to give back to the STEM community. We also provide professional development and other resources to help students achieve their true potential as they develop into professional engineers.

Project Space

@EBU1-4710The Project Space is an open collaborative space for students to work on projects, practice technical skills, or meet new people and hang out.


IEEE Student Branch at UC San Diego is a non-profit organization focused on developing bright engineers to serve the community around us by hosting various events, community outreach, and several technical project national competitions. These programs would not have been possible without the generousity of our sponsors. Thus, we invite you to support and be a part of our efforts to strengthen our future scientists and engineers.

Our Sponsors


Quarterly ProjectsApplications open the beginning of every quarter and is a great opportunity for students to work together and gain more hands-on technical experience.
Annual ProjectsApplications open the beginning of Fall quarter each year. Students are able to work together in a team all year long to build projects for a multitude of different competitions!

Meet The Officers

William Martino Chair
Lavita Zuo VC External
Angela Wang VC Internal
Eric Xiao VC Projects
Parth Desai VC Finance
Sarp User VC Events
Ameya Singh Event Finance
Ryan Tran Grand PrIEEE
Angela Liu PR Chair
Hannah Zhou PR Chair
Michele Murakami PR Chair
Steven Liu PR Chair
Ishaan Kavoori Outreach Chair
Derek Cantor Outreach Chair
Yukti Vijay Professional Chair
Tianyue Zhao Project Drive
Benjamin Tang Project Space
Danny Vo Quarterly Project
Siddharth Nag Quarterly Project
Joaquin Caso Robocup Chair
Amy Nguyen Social Chair
Clyde Rapinan Social Chair
Oliver Korchnoy Social Chair
Chase Bastian Technical Chair
Tim Wang Technical Chair
William Duan Technical Chair
Dominick Lee Webmaster